Heat Transfer Surfaces

Wire Finned Tube

Wire finned tube is a high efficiency tube consisting of a series of elongated wire loops, spirally wound on to the tube wall and held in position with a binding wire at the base of the loops. The loops and binding wire are then soft soldered to the tube wall to give a metallic bond between the wire fins and the tube.
The loop density and wire diameter can be varied to give the optimum surface for specific heat transfer and pressure drop requirements.
The wire loop secondary surface gives these finned tubes excellent heat transfer characteristics because of its ability to promote turbulence in the fluid passing over it and thereby reducing the tendency for boundary layer formation.
Maximum operating temperature 250℃".

Manufacturing Details

Max. Fin Height - 19.05 mm(0.75")
Max. Tube Diam. - 31.8 mm (1.25")
Base Tube Materials - Copper, Copper Alloys, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Standard Wire Material - Copper, Stainless Steel
Maximum Tube Length - 9m (30 ft)
Wire Thickness of 0.65mm or 0.711mm
Block Fin Image