Carbon Steel “G” Finned tube

Carbon Steel “G”Finned tube

Carbon Steel embedded fin

High conductivity fin tube for high temperature applications up to 450ºC.

“G” fin have a helical groove formed in the tube surface with an uplift of metal each side which, when peened back into the fin, produces a firm mechanical bond. Tube wall must be a minimum of 1.65mm. Groove depth 0.3mm.

Manufacturing details

Carbon Steel “G” finned tube

Max. Fin Height       –  19.05 mm (0.75”)
Min. Fin Height        –   9.5 mm (0.375”)
Max. Fin Density      –  9.5 FPI (374 FPM)
Min. Fin Density        _  5.2 FPI (205 FPM)
Max. Tube Diam.     –  38.1mm (1.5”)
Min. Tube Diam.        – 15.88 mm (0.625”)
Max. Tube Length   – 15m (49ft)