About TFL

Introduction to Tube Fins Limited

Tube Fins Limited is a manufacturer of Finned Tube with nearly 50 years experience in the application of extended surfaces to tubes for the Power cooling, Petrochemical, Automotive and Marine industries.

A member of HDT Automotive Group the company prides itself on producing quality products at competitive prices, with on time delivery, worldwide.

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Tube Fins Factory

The benefit of technical support is ensured from BS ISO 9001 approved factories operated by Specialist Heat Exchangers Ltd where research and development facilities are available.

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We offer a wide range of finned pipe and tubes using ferrous and non ferrous base tube finned with steel, aluminium or copper. In addition we offer wire finned tubes, internal turbulators and low finned tubes.

This website introduces our standard range of finned tubes. We offer a wide range of bespoke finned tubes, made to order.

If you require something specific please fill in your details on the contacts page and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

Have a look through our gallery and our history. We are proud of what we do, our record of inovation and the service we look to offer our customers.

Why Choose Us

High quality finned tube
Suppliers to the cooling power industry
Standard and unique geometries
On time deliveries world-wide
Low finned tube and turbulators

The Tube Fins Team

Mark Hardy

Operations Manager

Mark Jenner

General Manager

Shaun Pearce

General Foreman