Wire Wound

Wire Wound Tubes

Our wire finned tubes are made with a continuous length of copper wire, which is wound around the tube with a series of loops, which is bound to the tube with a base wire and then solder bonded into place. The close bond of the wire to the tube and the huge surface area offered by the tube offers a very efficient heat transfer surface.

Wire sizes of 0.56 mm, 0.65 mm and 0.711 mm, and the number of loops per metre of tube ranging from under 5,000 to over 19,000 offer tremendous options in terms of heat transfer.

We can apply copper finning on tube from 8mm in diameter up to 50.8 mm in diameter. Tubes suitable for wire finning include:

  • - Stainless steel tube
  • - Stainless steel duplex & super duplex
  • - Carbon steel tube
  • - Copper tube
  • - Copper Nickel tube
  • - Admiralty brass tube
  • - Aluminium brass tube
  • - Aluminium tube (aluminium wire)
  • - Titanium tube
  • - Leak detector / double wall tube

Our experience and history offers us a unique level of knowledge of wire arrangements and wire winding codes our clients come across when refurbishing or replacing old units. Get in touch if you are unsure of what specification you need, or if what you require lies outside the parameters detailed here. We are always looking to push the boundaries of what we do and what we fin.

We are also able to supply all our wire wound tubes with internal solder bonded turbulators if required.

Wire Wound Tubes