Copper wire wound turbulators are inserted into tubes to cause the gas or liquid flow to be disturbed and increase the surface contact of the liquid with the turbulator and the interior of the tube – thus improving hugely the heat transfer.

At Tube Fins we can fit turbulators to a variety of tubes, from as little as 5/8” diameter to 1.5” in diameter. The density of the wire turbulator is infinitely variable, but is usually classed as light, medium or heavy density. The wire winding is fitted to a rod, which is then pulled into position inside the tube.

Turbulators can be fitted to a wide variety of tubes, and are solder bonded to the tubes to provide a seamless bond and hugely efficient heat transfer.

Tubes fitted with turbulators can then have ribbon or wire finning applied to the exterior of the tube.

  • High Density Turbulator
  • Medium Density Turbulator
  • Light Density Turbulator